Our purpose is to free you up to focus on your creativity.



We take the journey with you.  By the time we get involved, your vision and goals are pretty clear.  We provide the assurance and advice on the business and financial side you need to implement that vision and succeed.



From goal setting and planning to solving issues and establishing valuable connections, we actively help you clean up the past in order to establish future success.  The long-term target is financial security, and we achieve that with you one milestone at a time.



Our experience has taught us how to best serve our clients. But, every client is different and so are their needs.  The context of each unique situation will define best practices. We believe in quality control, information and data security, setting realistic expectations, solving problems, and achieving goals.






When you let someone else manage your finances, you are exercising a huge act of faith and trust. Who can you really trust to do the right thing?

We have heard horror stories of mismanagement, abuse and neglect. More often than not, the person that was supposed to be in charge had delegated the work to one, two, even three assistants down the food chain without enough training and knowledge, and without proper oversight. That's not financial management.

You need to find a business manager you like, someone you trust, someone who really understands the business you're in and has a vast amount of knowledge and connections in your field. You need someone who can dig in and help you maximize your earnings and income streams.

With a decade and a-half of business management experience from large firms in the entertainment industry dealing with superstar artists, producers and songwriters, and with a boutique approach built on alliances and day-to-day involvement, we are confident we can free you up to focus on your creative endeavors without worrying whether your electric bill will be paid on time.